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Performance-installation that essentialises the facades, infrastructure, and processes of various colonial systems. The treatment of the user is based on chance and pre-determined heuristics. Derived from the research of Dr. Shahidul Zaman. Of Saturn Text Documentation 1.jpg
Foundational narrative about the history of Islam in Bengal, Dr. Zaman’s experience of this history, and Omar’s relationship to Dr. Zaman. (1 of 17).jpg
Re-purposed advertising lightboxes from Dhaka with stand showing both ctional and documentary images of Dr. Zaman. (4 of 17).jpg (9 of 17).jpg (14 of 17).jpg
A cinematic study with a voiceover which investigates Dr. Zaman’s current research and his repetitive, insular days. Memoirs of Saturn Screens6.jpg (15 of 17).jpg
A site to study the Text (Memoirs of Saturn) narrative in depth in a similar condition to Dr. Zaman's research process. (10 of 17).jpg (13 of 17).jpg
Collages and images of materials from public records, Dr. Zaman’s fictional archives, fantasies, and non-existent letters. (12 of 17).jpg (5 of 17).jpg (3 of 17).jpg (16 of 17).jpg (8 of 17).jpg
A concrete and wooden manifestation of a dream Dr. Zaman told me once involving an indeterminate pet animal who was slaughtered for Eid-al-Adha. (7 of 17).jpg (11 of 17).jpg (6 of 17).jpg

2016 Age Of Saturn

"'Longing is the agony of the nearness of the distant.
— Martin Heidegger, from “Who is Nietzsche’s Zarathustra?” in Vorträge und Aufsätze, Pfullingen, 1954’


2016, Sadia Rahman, Omar Chowdhury, Memoirs Of Saturn, 36pp. Includes narrative, list and photographs of works, and biography. Download PDF.